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CCTV Camera Systems Brisbane QLD

A CCTV security camera system is an excellent way to deter intruders from invading your home or business as well as providing clear evidence of a situation to aid police should the worst happen. Ideally, you should have an alarm system as well. Working together, the alarm system will activate sounders and lights to deter thieves from continuing, and cameras to record evidence of an intruder for the police.

No one CCTV security camera system will meet the security requirements of all businesses and homes. At Eversafe, we focus on sourcing and installing professional quality closed circuit security cameras and alarm systems, tailor designed for your home, business and commercial application. Equipment that will provide the results that you expect. To make sure you get the correct system for your purpose, we will visit your property to discuss your requirements and concerns. We’ll identify optimal positions for maximum coverage without obstructions, high risk areas, as well as views of entry, exit and any other critical points. From there, we will design and quote a system based on the types of security cameras best suited to your application and lighting levels to areas that need to be viewed.

  • Provide visual verification of security alarm events and avoid costs due to false alarms
  • Reduce possibilities of a break-in due to the deterrent of highly visible cameras
  • Ability to track individuals as they approach, enter or leave premises
  • Remote off-site viewing of premises
  • Assist with on-premises loss prevention and shop stealing measures
  • Reduce the threat of fraudulent customer claims
  • Cut stealing by employees as they know their activities are being recorded
  • Monitor employees to improve productivity and workplace safety
  • Deter criminal behaviour and activity before it happens
  • Reduce physical security labour costs
  • Provide clear, irrefutable evidence of criminal actions for police apprehension and legal proceedings
  • Record threat and incident information

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