Are 2MP Cameras Old School?

There’s lots of the hype about different various sizes of mega-pixel security cameras and the resolution and clarity that you see on your monitor or phone.  Bigger must be better, right?  But which camera is really best for your application?  There are many choices of security cameras and mega-pixel sizes up to 8 and 12Mp,  so should you totally forget about the “old” 2Mp cameras?     Well, NO!  It depends on how these security cameras are utilised.

So, an example of this, check out the following images.  Here we have a 2Mp camera with a 2.8mm to 13mm motorised zoom lens , installed on our customer’s office block.  At the widest camera angle of 2.8mm, we see a sharp view of the office complex.  Great for an overall view of what's going on.

Now, if we try to zoom in  on the number plate of the Nissan SUV with our phone app or on playback on your recorder still on the wide angle view, it becomes so pixelated, that its impossible to read the numbers.

Now on the last image, still with the same 2Mp camera , using the cameras internal zoom lens set to to around 10-11mm, we can  zoom onto what we want to see and read the number plate clearly. So why’s it different? Because we are now  using the whole 2mp of camera to view a smaller part of the whole original scene. That is, the front of the Nissan and the number plate.

There’s nothing wrong with 2MP cameras, but it depends on what you want to view and what you expect to see when you go to your phone app, play back or make a copy of the recording for evidence for the police. No two homes or business applications are the same.   So, one size does not fit all, meaning a kit or package that you see somewhere, is unlikely to truely suit your purposes. For the best results for your security and safety,  you should have a system that's designed to suit your needs. Unfortunately, many of our customers who bought a “kit” from a retailer,  call and tell us that they are disappointed in the result, and ask for our help to get a CCTV system that will give them what they want.  Before rushing out and buying a kit from a retailer, talk to us. We will find out what you want from your security camera system and explain the options and outcomes with different cameras and equipment so that you don’t waste your money on s CCTV system that doesn’t do what you thought it would.

Images edited for Privacy

These images are  screen shots on my phone app taken from actual live video